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Payment by Bank Transfer to:
Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
R. General Norton de Matos
Apartado 4133
2411-901 Leiria

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Instituto de Gestão da tesouraria e do Crédito Publico, IP
Avenida da República, N.º 57, 6º
Place: Lisboa
Postal/Zip Code: 1050-189
Country: Portugal
NIF: 503 756 237
Phone: +351 217 923 300
FAX: +351 217 993 795

NIB: 078101120000000133640
IBAN: PT50078101120000000133640

For bank transfers, the description of the transfer must comply with the following format: "ENNIS&IMNHR+Registration Number".

A copy of the payment/transfer should be sent by email to gcci.esslei@ipleiria.pt.

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